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Experience better health outcomes by undergoing our diagnostic and treatment services.

NORTHERN PLAINS FAMILY MEDICINE AND BEHAVIORAL HEALTH, P.C strive to help families and individuals attain a healthy emotional and physical state of being. We do our very best to reduce pain, suffering and despair. We also facilitate comprehensive tests to determine underlying symptoms and potential diagnoses while the disease is when it’s most curable. With our behavioral healthcare services, we help treat the mental and emotional complications plaguing each patient. Our practice specializes in treating addiction using a holistic clinical approach.

Our office offers patients the following services:

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Addiction Medicine Consultations and Treatment

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Buprenorphine Maintenance for Opioid Dependence

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Co-Occurring Disorders (Diagnosis and Treatment)

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Pain, Anxiety, and Depression Treatment

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Group and Individual Therapy

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medical history

Medical History Evaluation

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Physical Examinations

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Nicotine Cessation

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Outpatient Detoxification

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Screening and Assessment

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Treatment Plans

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Care Coordination

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Psychiatric Medication Prescribing and Management

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Substance Use Disorder Treatment

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Consultative Services

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